Then you need a new one .. Cost effective and on the top of the edge .. Well if you build your Home LAb then Probably you don’t need the cutting edge speed and technology that is available on the market.

Server blown up

I just like to show a nice device that is fullfilling a lot of your requirements when you looking to enhance your single TV that is standing in the middle of the room. Update: OK I have used this for the last few Month and I need to say this […]

Home Cinema for low Budget

This Book is a very good Deep Dive into the technology that matters behing virtualisation. I need to say that I love VMware because „they care!“. This Book could be written by anyone because its pointing out the Inner details of Ressources, but who write it ? No KVM Community, […]

VMware vSphere 6.5 Host Resources Deep Dive

Did you ever think of having a Badge that’s breaks the limits of a static Print ? Did you ever want to show your personal abilities to all around ? Did you ever be on a Fair and want to be just that little bit more unique than others ? […]

Electronic Badge – Prototype

Hey Folks, actual i’m working on some projects for our Blog and our Server. Move from VMware vSphere ESXi 6.0 => done Move from OVH to Serverloft => nearly done 😉 Build up KVM and Play a Bit around KVM => preparing … So today i have installed KVM and […]

KVM and my go through it ;)

Hey Guys, let us take a deeper look on our Infrastructure. In the next few blocks I will show up a lot of technical Informations about the technical background of Gleam of Things 😉 At the beginning of Gleam of Things, a historical memory… … started a long time ago, […]

Introduce our Infrastructure ;)

Whats more important than a good rest at night ? And therefore I have picked up a few Thinks to sleep well We start with the pillows … The most important thing. the better you rest the better you sleep. and you need to be careful what you pick ? […]

Rest in Peace

Did you ever think of having your own Datacenter at Home ? so what If you can build it in a real small form factor ? Homing your router, switch, NAS, and also a Raspbery Pi Server or even better your RasPi Cluster I like to talk about howto enhance […]

Enhance your Properties with Basic IT

Hi all, did you ever worry about your Car HiFi device ? and ask yourselfe How to make it better ? Here might be an idea of a sollution. Given : – Audi A4 2007 – RNS-E – Bose Sound System Adapter Kabel

CarPC ARM Based