Introduce our Infrastructure ;) 1

Hey Guys, let us take a deeper look on our Infrastructure. In the next few blocks I will show up a lot of technical Informations about the technical background of Gleam of Things 😉

At the beginning of Gleam of Things, a historical memory…
… started a long time ago, Stephan a I decided to start something together. Both of us are quite a bit of Nerds. We want always the new stuff, participating the bleeding Edge of IT-Things.

So we created our Blog on my old Server. It was an ESXi Server which was hosted by OVH in Roubaix. But after 5 Years of usage i decided to make a new step and here we are now 😉 Maybe i will write a resume of my old Friends the Server’s at OVH 😉 Brilliant Hoster, powerful Servers but focused on mainstream Enduser and not in Stephan’s and my thoughts about the Internet of Things 😉

So here we are now, a new Server, a new Home. Let us start a new Chapter together.

Ok, let’s start with a look on our Server, lovely called FUCKUP…, here are some specifications:
Model: ProLiant DL120 Gen9
Vendor: HP
CPU: Xeon E5-2620v3 (6 Cores)
RAM: 32 GB (2x 16 GB DDR4 ECC Registered)
Disk: 2x TB within a Software based Raid 1
OS: CentOS 7.2

So you can see, quite a powerful base to work on it 😉

Let’s talk about our Connectivity, our Datacenter is based in Straßburg (Europe) and connected with more than 550 Gbit/s Backbone Bandwidth to the World. We can use the Power from different Providers, like Deutsche Telekom, Level 3, Global Crossing, cogent, DE-CIX, interoute, and some more.

Enough Power and Bandwidth for a Startup Project like Gleam of Things

But who is our technical Partner, so at least let me introduce our Hoster. Our Server runs in one of the Datacenter from, there a great people and the Support will provide us 24/7 support with a 4h SLA for Hardware-Issues and a Uptime guarantee form 99,9%

So that was my short Introducing of our technical base, if you want more Informations or want us to ask some Questions, feel free to leave us a comment 😉



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