KVM and my go through it ;)

Hey Folks,

actual i’m working on some projects for our Blog and our Server.

  1. Move from VMware vSphere ESXi 6.0 => done
  2. Move from OVH to Serverloft => nearly done 😉
  3. Build up KVM and Play a Bit around KVM => preparing …

So today i have installed KVM and tried to get a Windows VM to run. Installation was easy like Windows always is… but the Installation of the KVM Drivers for the virtio Devices (Network Card and Block Storage) and for the Ballooning were a bit tricky 🙁 But Balloon Driver for the RAM Paging and the specific PCI Driver were successfully done. virtio Network and Storage Driver are ongoing…

Maybe tomorrow i can provide an Update 😉 let us see…

Cheers, Daniel

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