Electronic Badge – Prototype

Did you ever think of having a Badge that’s breaks the limits of a static Print ?
Did you ever want to show your personal abilities to all around ?
Did you ever be on a Fair and want to be just that little bit more unique than others ?

Then this might be something for you.

I build a Prototype of a Dynamic Badge that not only can hold informations of your Person but can also be part of one big Presentation.

This Badge will normally show your personal Data like Name or position next to the Logo of your company.
But also can show your Certifications or Credentials iterating for a specified time.

You power this device by a normal external Powerbank that you would normally use to recharge your mobile.

We are thinking about creating this to be more embedded, and will be available as TFT in 2.8″ size.

Please contact us if you have interest in this kind of device for your next presentation.

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