Whats more important than a good rest at night ? And therefore I have picked up a few Thinks to sleep well We start with the pillows … The most important thing. the better you rest the better you sleep. and you need to be careful what you pick ? […]

Rest in Peace

Hi all, did you ever worry about your Car HiFi device ? and ask yourselfe How to make it better ? Here might be an idea of a sollution. Given : – Audi A4 2007 – RNS-E – Bose Sound System Adapter Kabel

CarPC ARM Based

Overview We will build a Virtual Datacenter at Home ( vDC@Home ) this means that we will have legacy Hardware with a Hypervisor of VMware running on it. As we don’t need thins for Production purpose we also don’t have to think about a Support Contract of VMware because we […]

pvDC1: Overview