Server blown up

Then you need a new one .. Cost effective and on the top of the edge ..

Well if you build your Home LAb then Probably you don’t need the cutting edge speed and technology that is available on the market.

But when you look for some Updated Plattworfms and a little aged CPUs the it might also be interresting.
Thi is what I did … My Mainboard burned on my old Lab so I need to find an exchange .. but what I find was … to expensive.
Then I decide to build a new set of CPU/RAM/MB and found fast a good approach for my needs.
With the Intel 7500T I get a very Power efficient Processor with the following specs .

Core i5 | 4 Cores | 2.7 GHz | GPU HD 630 (1100 MHz) | 6MB L3 | 35W BTU | LGA1151

For this Piec of Hardware I need a Mainboard that also support my former cards and I found the ASUS P10S-X with enough space.

On the Memory I spend a little more just to overcome my permanent shortage on RAM and I pick the biggest position in this Rig

Well if the Parts will be in my Hands I will give you all a quick update on how this Parts work together and complete my VMware Rack.

Update :

The Mainboard „Asus P10S-X Mainboard Intel LGA1151 Socket“ was returned due to an Issue with the incompatability. It was unable to support the Generation 7 of the CPU Core. So I just exchange it by a more reliable „Asus Prime B250-Pro“ which link I have changed below ;). This disrupts my plans to reuse my old Memory but opens the opportunity to spend a bit more on Memory and enhance my Server to a decent amount of 32GB of RAM 😉

So Power consumption is still very low but the Power is really amazing..



Memory :

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