pvDC1: Overview


We will build a Virtual Datacenter at Home ( vDC@Home ) this means that we will have legacy Hardware with a Hypervisor of VMware running on it.
As we don’t need thins for Production purpose we also don’t have to think about a Support Contract of VMware because we are our own Support Team.
If you are new to VMware you may have some questions on some things so don’t hesitate to ask.
If you are familiar with VMware then you may have questions why I did it this way and not the other way around, and also you can leave a comment that I maybe haven’t overthought all circumstances.

This will also keep an eye on the power consumption because the rolling costs may become the Problem over time.
All Infrastructure is around 600W power consumption and I have a ESX Host a SMart APC-UPS, a switch a Firewall and small things like a DSL Modem or PoE injector for some components and Shared Storage.

What do we build during the next Posts ?
1. Overview
2. Rack Space
3. USV
4. Switch
5. Firewall
6. Storage
7. Server Hardware
8. vDC
9. Summary

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