pvDC0: Private vDC @ Home

Google Data Center in Council Bluffs

I like to start a Series about creating a Virtual Datacenter in your basement.
We will look at some details regarding Storage or Computing resources, but also Infrastructure will be a topic.

What about the running costs that are mostly taken out of scope for a private installation but can exhaust your budget very quick.

I’m an enthusiast that is trying to learn as much as possible about a specific system to keep up track in the IT Business, so therefore I need some place to test and try things out. If I would have one physical Server for each project I start then I would end up with a huge amount of Rackspace.

Actually I have only one physical Server that is utilising my whole infrastructure.

If you are the same mind than me then keep reading my Blog and maybe you will find some new and interesting approaches to some Key Points.

And here we start, this is what you can expect in the next Posts :

  1. Overview
  2. Rack Space
  3. USV
  4. Switch
  5. Firewall
  6. Storage
  7. Server Hardware
  8. vDC
  9. Summary

Why should I do this at all ?
What can it give me ?
How much will it cost ?
What is the next step ?

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