Enhance your Properties with Basic IT

Did you ever think of having your own Datacenter at Home ?
so what If you can build it in a real small form factor ?
Homing your router, switch, NAS, and also a Raspbery Pi Server or even better your RasPi Cluster

I like to talk about howto enhance your property with a basic IT Infrastructure and more.

First of all You need a housing for all your equipment, but most of the people haven’t the space to place a 19″ Rack, and most people don’t need it anyway.
So where is the alternative ? Here a wallmount 10″ Rack that can hold your structured cableing and some SoHo components.

So whats next ? I think we need to get the data in and out of this cabinet and therefore we need the one end of our cables to be neat.

And what is better than having a patchpanel that covers up to 10GBits and support 12 Endpoints in our Home.

But what can be on the other side? if you have made your experience with this panel, then comes the next challange, besides cabeling your property, which is the patching of the RJ45 Plug connector.

If you are about to do your cabeling new then you should think of having plenty of ports available. Having a Star Structure is better then having a Tree so keep this in mind.
HINT: you can also put your analog Phone on these cables or using a Webcam with PoE if it has a seperate port.

One of the most famous brands for this kind of component was BTR which is now a Company called Metz Connect which takes over the products of BTR.

We have done a lot if we finally come to this Milestone, the dirty work is done and we can concentrate on the next steps.
How to populate our new Home for the IT stuff.

So just to make it clean and shiny from the beginning you need some rack floors for this Rack.

I believe you need more than one to hold your Router and a Switch and maybe some NAS.

You now have 9HE of 10″ Rack space to populate with your components.

Have Fun !

Maybe some suggestions for a Late runner, to make it look more straight, you can use some of these as well.

Or if you really like it clean

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